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About Morocco

Morocco is a great golf destination. From most European airports the journey is no more than 3 hours, and with a location next Western Sahara you are guaranteed good golfing conditions almost all year round. When Europe is covered by the cold of winter it is an easy choice to travel to Morocco to play golf.

The major golf destinations are Marrakech and Agadir, but along the coast new resorts appear and in a few years Morocco will be able to offer even more great golf destinations. In Marrakech 10 of Morocco's total of 36 golf courses (designed by great golf course architects like Cabell Robinson, Robert Trent Jones, Kyle Phillips and Jack Nicklaus Design) are found and both here and in Agadir one finds great variety and many first-class golf facilities.

To get from one destination to another is easy as the authorities have made sure that the major cities are well connected with a good infrastructure.

If you choose to travel to Morocco, a day of golf can easily be combined with visits to mosques and spas often happens. Accommodation are in 5-star luxury hotels and you are eating well in the many the French gourmet restaurants. At the same time one should not refrain from tasting the North African cuisine. The many small street vendors offer everything from grilled lamb skewers, chicken, olives, dates, hummus, couscous and usually at the end of meal one is offered a small cup of sweet
mint tea.

In Marrakech and Casablanca, you can explore the souk and both places one can see ornate riads, the rich local population houses where there are fountains, atrium courtyards and beautiful mosaics on walls and floors. In the old neighbourhood one finds craftsmen working in their small workshops, as they have done for centuries. 

The country offers ancient, historic royal cities and a beautiful and breathtaking scenery of the Atlas Mountains and an endless desert landscape. Morocco offers exciting and exotic culture which makes this golf vacation a different experience to major golfing holiday destinations in Europe. Morocco is a land of contrasts, full of mystery and 1001 Arabian nights. See video by clicking here.